Investment Management

Investment Management

At PlainsCapital Bank Wealth Management & Trust, our goal is to work with you to protect and build your wealth and plan for the future. Maintaining and building your wealth requires careful attention to how your investments are managed.

Our investment process begins with a complete understanding of your needs and goals, tolerance for risk, current portfolio mix, tax considerations, and other unique needs and circumstances.

Our investment focus is on prudently growing your wealth over time, rather than chasing short-term gains. Experience has shown that capital growth is best achieved through a diversified, tax-sensitive investment approach. We use a multi-part process to develop an investment strategy customized to meet your particular situation.

Understand Your Goals

  • Work with you to determine your risk tolerance
  • Identify your current and future income needs, and help you plan for liquidity requirements
  • Review and analyze other unique circumstances, such as preferences for socially responsible investing, existing investment concentrations, and tax concerns

Create Your Investment Plan

  • Quantify your return needs and risk preferences
  • Determine an optimal asset allocation to help you reach your goals
  • Understand your investment performance expectations

Build, Monitor, and Manage Your Portfolio

  • Construct your investment allocation with a tailored combination of appropriate investments
  • Maintain reserves of cash and other short-term liquidity tailored to your needs
  • Execute your investment plan in a prudent, tax-efficient manner
  • Adjust your investment allocation when needed, based on monitoring of economic and market factors

At PlainsCapital Bank, we are governed by the fiduciary standard in the services and products we offer. When you trust your financial future to our wealth management professionals, you can have confidence in knowing that we put your interests first.