Avoid the Most Common Online Scams

The best way to avoid common fraud scams is to understand how these scams usually work. Here is a list of some of the most common ways that fraud perpetrators and identity thieves trick their victims.

If you have been the target of fraud or attempted fraud, contact us immediately.

*Please note, if PlainsCapital Bank contacts you regarding actual fraud on your account, we will NEVER ask for your user name, passwords, PINs, or a security/passcode through unsolicited emails, phone calls, text messages, or pop-up windows.

Common Business Fraud Scams


Business Email Compromise
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Cybercriminals trick company employees into transferring large sums of money to them by impersonating CEOs and other company executives in spoofed or masqueraded emails. The schemers first study their intended victims by using the company’s website, social media and Phishing to get information like employees’ names, job titles, email addresses and phone numbers. With the company’s information, scammers can spoof or fake an email to an employee who they know can transfer money or pay invoices for the company, making the email look like it is coming from an executive officer or other trusted source.

Corporate Account Takeover
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Wire Fraud
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Common Consumer Fraud Scams


Blood and Cocaine Scam
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This scam first surfaced back in 2019, but fraudsters are back trying it again. It starts with an unsolicited phone call from a random number. The person calling claims to be a law enforcement agent, usually with the FBI. The “agent” says your name is tied to a rental car in Texas found with blood and cocaine inside. You’re asked to give your Social Security number and financial account information. Another version of the scam involves a person calling claiming to be a Social Security Administration representative. They say, in addition to a rental car with blood and cocaine, they have found an offshore account in your name with a large amount of cash. You are then told your Social Security benefits will be suspended if you do not provide your personal information, including your Social Security number and financial account information.

"Work from Home" Job Scam
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Romance Scam
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Overpayment Scam
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Card Cracking
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Mystery Shopper Scam
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