Card Controls

Card Controls

PlainsCapital Bank is excited to introduce Card Controls to our mobile banking app to help you protect against debit card fraud.


What are Card Controls?

With Card Controls, a convenient, easy-to-use security tool in the PlainsCapital Bank mobile app, you have the power to control your debit card activity directly from your mobile device. The Card Controls feature allows you to manage how, when and where your debit card is used to help prevent unauthorized transactions.

PlainsCapital cardholders enjoy these benefits with Card Controls:
•    Switch your debit card on/off instantly if you misplace it
•    Set allowed transaction type and size limits
•    Define merchant type specifications 
•    Restrict transactions to certain locations
•    Receive instant transaction alerts

Enhanced security comes with peace of mind. 

Lost or stolen debit card? Immediately turn your card “off” from the mobile app to disable it and prevent authorized activity on your account.

Rarely travel internationally? Simply turn off international purchases to avoid any unwanted transactions. If you’re planning a trip abroad, you can turn it back on right before you arrive.

With Card Controls, you have the freedom to manage your debit card, your way. Best yet, it can be done anywhere or anytime, directly from your mobile device.

Take back control of the things you care about. For Frequently Asked Questions on our Card Controls feature, visit our FAQ page.