International Services

International Services

International Trade can create outstanding opportunities for businesses, but also pose some challenges. Fluctuating exchange rates can affect your competitiveness and profitability, and the valuation of your international operations and import-export documents can be complex.

PlainsCapital Bank's Foreign exchange and Global Trade specialists have the experience and network to help you save time and money with your import-export and foreign exchange transactions.

Foreign Currency Wire Transfers

  • Send or receive international payments in most major currencies
  • Cross-border payments through the SWIFT network
  • Same day delivery* for Canadian Dollar until 2 pm CT, Mexican Peso until 3 pm CT and Euro until 12 pm CT.
  • No fee for FX Wires equivalent to $5,000 USD or greater.

Foreign Currency Exchange with Overnight Delivery

  • Competitive exchange rates for more than 80 foreign currencies
  • No fee for order US $300 or greater

Global Trade – Letter of Credit Advising

  • Advising and confirmation of Domestic and International Export Letters of Credit in US Dollars or Foreign currency
  • Examination and negotiation of Export documents with same day processing to ensure compliance with LC terms
  • Correspondent Bank network covering more than 50 countries
  • Documentary Collections for both Import and Export in US Dollars or Foreign currency
  • Guidance and expertise on the risks and benefits of using Documentary Collections as a method of payment

Contact us to learn more about how International Services can help create opportunity for your business.

*Delivery times depend on recipient’s bank.