Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers

Move Funds Quickly and Safely

Wire transfers are a fast and secure way to move funds to or from your PlainsCapital Bank account. You can request a wire transfer online, in person, by telephone, or by fax.

Convenient Online Wire Transfers

For maximum convenience, you can initiate a wire transfer via the Internet or GFX PC-resident software. Multiple wires can be created and initiated simultaneously using the GFX software. You can also receive online wire confirmation of outgoing transfers, including federal reference numbers. GFX also gives you the ability to monitor your accounts for incoming transfers.

A wire transfer agreement must be completed in order to use our online or telephone wire transfer features. International wire transfers cannot be completed online.

Secure International Wire Transfers

International wire transfers may be sent in either U.S. dollars or foreign currencies. Your PlainsCapital banker can help you arrange the transfer and can provide processing deadlines for same-day transfers.

Visit any PlainsCapital Bank location for assistance with wire transfers.